When Your Pet Suffers From Itchy or Irritated Skin

The most common initial symptom of skin problems in dogs and cats is itching. The normal response of the pet to itching is to scratch, lick, or chew the affected area. The scratching, licking, or chewing will often result in further damage to the skin, exposing it to a secondary infection from bacteria or other microbes.

Your pet’s skin problems can result from any number of factors, including:

  • Immune and other internal disorders
  • Infections caused by bacteria, yeast, or fungus
  • Allergic reactions to environmental substances
  • Fleas or other insect bites
  • Food reactions

Frequently, visible skin problems in cats and dogs are the result of the secondary infection. While such infections can usually be easily treated, the underlying problem remains. This is why it is a good idea to have your pet’s skin problems examined by a veterinarian. Most problems are treatable and many can be avoided through proper care.

Periodic wellness exams, beginning when you first welcome your new kitten or puppy, provide a good opportunity for early detection and treatment of problems, especially immune and other internal disorders that can affect the skin.

Since many pet skin problems are preventable, our veterinary staff can advise simple and inexpensive steps you can take to help your pet avoid these concerns.

Since some infections or diseases associated with your pet’s skin can be transmitted to humans, healthy habits and good veterinary care for your pet will not only result in a healthier and happier pet, but will also provide a healthier environment for your entire household.

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