5 Things a Dog DNA Test Can Tell You


Have you considered a dog DNA test? As caring pet owners, we might know everything there is to know about our dog’s current day-to-day schedule and personality. But most dogs come to us from somewhere else. That means there may be inherent characteristics and traits that we don’t know anything about.


Dog DNA tests can help you learn even more about your pup and enhance your bond even more. Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest things you can learn from a dog DNA test:


All the Breeds

The American Kennel Club recognizes 200 official dog breeds. Your unique pup could be the result of dozens of breeds that mixed over various generations. Dog DNA tests clue you into your dog’s exact genetic makeup. This gives you a better understanding of certain personality traits and behaviors that could be inherent to specific breeds. Some tests will even let you trace the maternal line, which could tell you the story of where your dog’s ancestors lived.


Health Insights From a Dog DNA Test

One of the best reasons to get your dog’s DNA tested is to have a better understanding of their health profile and potential risks based on their genetic material. Tests that include a health assessment will check for about 150 different diseases. This lets you know your dog’s chances of developing one. This gives you the opportunity to catch health issues early and get the help you to increase your chances of a positive outcome.


Care Recommendations

When you perform a DNA test on your pup, the results will give you the estimated size and weight of your dog. This gives you a great baseline on which to figure out the healthiest weight for your dog to prevent obesity-related diseases like diabetes. Some DNA tests will even give nutritional recommendations that will help you ensure your pup is as healthy as possible.


Living Family Members

Dogs are born in litters, and once they find their fur-ever homes, they may never have any contact with their parents or siblings again in their lifetime. Doing a dog DNA test gives you the chance to see if your pup has any living relatives. You can decide if you want to make the effort to introduce your dog to any relatives. Many owners like the feeling of having the information.



DNA tests can also help you determine if your dog might have any food or environmental allergies. Some dogs are sensitive to certain food ingredients, while others have trouble with household products. DNA tests can help you narrow down potential allergens so you can help your dog avoid them as much as possible.



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