Most of our lives are managed by a variety of apps on our mobile devices. There are ever more pet care apps available, some good, some bad, but there are more than most of us have the time or energy to filter through.

At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we think any app that can make it easier to keep pet wellness on the front burner is worth investigating. We have sorted through some of the most popular pet care apps and came up with our recommendations for apps that support your pet’s health and fitness. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Pet Care Apps

  1. American Red Cross Pet First Aid – Learn all about what to do in a pet emergency before it happens with this indispensible app, complete with videos, articles, and step-by-step instructions.
  2. ASPCA Poison Control – Protect your pet by learning to recognize poisonous plants, medications, people foods, and other toxins.
  3. Tagg – Thanks to a small, waterproof GPS device that hooks onto your pet’s collar, you can track your fur friend in real time on your mobile device. It can also double as a fitness tracker.
  4. MapMyDogWalk – Track your pet’s speed, mileage, time, and calories burned, and locate alternative walking routes with this useful fitness app.
  5. FitBark – More than just an app, this technology utilizes a device fitted to your pet’s collar to track his or her movement throughout the day. It also alerts you to changes in energy level, which can provide insight into your pet’s overall health.
  6. Wag – Connect with dog walkers, boarding kennels, and pet sitters in your area with this useful tool.
  7. Cam2Pet – This video monitoring app allows you to observe your pet’s antics while you’re away from home on your mobile device.
  8. Dog Park Finder Plus – Find all of the best dog parks in the area, no matter where you go, including information on hours of operation, fencing, and bathroom availability.

Speaking of pet care convenience, ULVH now offers you the convenience of booking your pet’s vet appointments using your phone or tablet day or night. Simply set up an account on our online Rapport system and log in from your computer or mobile device to schedule your pet’s visits!

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We hope you found our suggestions helpful. We’d love to hear about your favorite pet app, so give us a call, comment on Facebook, or mention it during your next visit!