Adopting a dog is one of the best feelings imaginable (we think probably THE best!). It’s exciting adding a new member to the family and getting to know the unique personality of your furry friend. However, a lot of thought should go into making this big decision.

Returns on adopted animals, as well as abandoned animals, are an unfortunate reality for rescue pets. In many cases, the owner decides to base their selection on how cute or trendy a dog is, without really considering the reality of adopting certain breeds or ages (puppies are notoriously high maintenance).

So, what’s the right way to choose a rescue dog?

Choosing the Right Rescue Dog for You

While there is no perfect dog, there are some characteristics you should look for based on your own lifestyle and needs:

Age – A puppy may be the best choice for an individual who has the time for training and socialization, but perhaps not for busy professionals. Take an honest look at how much time you have to invest and whether you’d prefer to adopt an adult, who’s already fully grown and has settled into their personality (we suggest a loveable senior pet!).

Size – Speaking of size, some homes aren’t really practical for a large breed. For energetic dogs who like to get out and stretch, a backyard is a must. A lap dog might not be appropriate for those who want a pet who likes to be outside a lot or for those who want a companion to hike, bike, or run with.

Breed – Some breeds, while distinct, have certain characteristics of which you should be aware. If you’re a fun-loving gregarious sort, you may do well with a lab or another sociable, high-energy breed. If you want a good natured dog, your best bet is a mutt who exemplifies the best of their mixed heritage.

Are You the Right Owner?

Creating a lasting relationship with your adorable new pet is also largely dependent on the traits and lifestyle you bring to the mix. Some of the following questions will help determine which is a realistic match for you:

  • How much time can you spend on training? Are you willing to invest more time in training a young puppy?
  • What is your residence like? For example, do you have a large yard with a fence or only a balcony?
  • If you rent, are there any breed restrictions?
  • Do you have a specific breed in mind and have you done your research about what to expect?
  • Do you have small children or other pets?
  • Are you looking for an energetic dog or do you prefer a low-key pet?
  • Are you willing to take on the financial cost of a new dog, including veterinary care and daily needs (large dogs and pure breeds often require more money)?
  • Do you have questions for the rescue staff, as well as a plan to introduce your new dog to their new surroundings?

These are some of the many questions you should ask yourself before randomly choosing a rescue dog. Simply selecting one who’s pretty or who seems great without any thought or careful consideration is likely to end in an unsuccessful match.

While finding your perfect rescue dog may require some work, it will help lay the foundation for a great experience and will ensure a deserving pet finds their new forever home. For more information about pet adoption, please call the team at ULVH!