If you have been considering adopting a dog, our team of dog lovers at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital has helpful tips for adopting a dog from Detroit Dog Rescue.

Our friends at Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) make sure each rescue dog has a fair chance at a good, permanent home before putting them up for adoption. Not every shelter or rescue is able to give the rescued dogs the physical and emotional healing and attention that they get at DDR. Most shelters need to find homes quickly to make way for more dogs.

Unfortunately, millions of pets are euthanized each year in the United States. Quite a few of these have physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that prevent them from being adoptable. Even when they are adopted, many are returned to the shelter. This is why some pet parents are reluctant to take on a rescue.

The great news is that Detroit Dog Rescue invests time and resources into these dogs to help prepare them for their permanent homes. DDR wants each of their rescues to be successful in a forever home full of love and great care.

The Mission of Detroit Dog Rescue

Did you know that Detroit Dog Rescue was the first no-kill animal shelter in the Detroit area? That’s right! They are committed to finding each of the dogs in their care a loving family. They believe that every dog deserves a chance to have a great life. They promote awareness of the difficulties faced by homeless pets by advocating for spay/neuter, fostering, and adoption.

Many of the DDR rescue dogs have suffered physical abuse or neglect, as well as emotional harm. DDR sees that each dog has what they need (surgery, healing, training, fostering with a family) to be successful in their new permanent home.

Tips on a Successful Dog Adoption

If you are thinking of adopting a dog from Detroit Dog Rescue, there are a few key things to consider. The first of which is the type of dog that would thrive in your household. While we think all dogs are awesome, there are those that may not be suitable as a pet in your family. Some things to consider are:

  • How much room do I have for them to roam?
  • Are they pet or kid-friendly?
  • How much time do I have to train and socialize them?
  • Do I want a high-energy dog or a more mellow one?
  • Am I looking for a puppy or adult/senior pet?
  • Are there certain breeds, sizes, or other characteristics I am looking for in my adopted dog?
  • Am I capable of adopting a special needs dog?

Thinking through some of these questions will help you find the perfect pooch that will also love being your new bestie.

The staff at Detroit Dog Rescue can help identify the right dog for you by discussing your situation and dogs that are available that would be a match. Their website has filters so that you can easily see which dogs are cat, dog, and/or kid-friendly. DDR doesn’t arrange meet and greet visits at their shelter. Many of the adoptable dogs are in their foster homes.

Once you have found your potential match (or matches), fill out an adoption application on their website (under Adopt) listing up to three picks. A team member will call you in a week to ten days. If that goes well, DDR will do a thorough review of your application and conduct a phone interview. If everything is going well, they will schedule a home check.

If your home passes the home check, the next step is a home visit to see how well your potential adoptee does in your environment. They introduce your potential dog adoptee to other household members and pets. If your family and the dog are a good fit for each other, DDR will then offer you an adoption contract.

DDR’s goal is to create a successful foster or adoption for you and your new dog. Once everyone agrees that your home is the best place for your adoptee pup, you will pay the fee for adoption, which includes spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, vaccinations, and temperament testing. Adoption fees range from $200 for seniors to $375 for puppies.

Adopting a Dog from Detroit Dog Rescue

We hope this overview inspires you to adopt a pet. Adoption is a wonderful way to show how much you care about the lives of animals. The friendly, knowledgeable team at Detroit Dog Rescue is available to speak with you about finding your next pet. They can also guide you through any questions during or after the adoption process and how to best integrate your dog into the household.

If you have any questions about adopting a dog from Detroit Dog Rescue, reach out to DDR. If would like to schedule a wellness examination with us, or make us your new pet’s veterinary family, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.