Feasting, feasting, and more feasting happens around the holidays, and your hungry pet has surely noticed. Whether you are hosting a big holiday dinner or going to your family’s home, there will be plenty of opportunities for small actors to put on their best begging faces. Unfortunately, this is also the time when more pets end up in the emergency animal hospital after eating something they shouldn’t.

The team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital wants to help you avoid one of these unexpected trips by giving you a few ground rules for guests when you combine food and a begging pet.

Rules About Feeding People Food to a Begging Pet

Nobody likes rules, we know, but when it comes to people food and pets, it’s for the best. Whenever you have new people into the home, there is a tendency for them to want to give food when your fur pal gives them those big, doleful, “I am sooo hungry” eyes. Most people, though, especially those without animals, don’t know what is bad for pets.

To help keep your pets safe, you can print these handy guidelines for guests to read through. 

Gentle Ways to Inform Guests of Rules

We understand it can be hard to set boundaries with well-meaning family and friends. But we also know that when you try to maintain good pet rules, it is for the safety and wellbeing of your beloved furry ones. 

First, it is a good idea to print out the section that covers the “no begging” rules and toxic food list and post it on the fridge. If you like, you can also add additional guidelines and tailor it to your pet. Some pet owners have restrictions about where their pet can sit or sleep, and whether there are rooms that are off limits. No matter what your rules, be kind and patient. Sometimes, those without pets don’t understand just how important maintaining consistency is when it comes to pets.

Your friends at Union Lake can help answer any questions about curbing begging, pet rules, or any other pet questions, please do not hesitate to call.