There is almost nothing that beats that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from looking into the thankful, soulful eyes of a dear old four-legged friend. Senior pets have often been with us through thick and thin; and because of this, it’s only natural that we should want to provide the best possible care for them in their golden years.

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital offers compassionate, yet cutting-edge care for older pets. We take your senior pet’s special needs into account and provide personalized medical care for each special friend.

Senior Pets Need Help Getting Around

As they age, it is not uncommon for senior pets to develop arthritis, decreased range of motion, and back problems. This means that an older animal may not be able to get around as well as they used to. Senior pets may also have some degree of pain.

One way that pet owners can help their senior pets get around better is by encouraging exercise to their pet’s ability. Making life more accessible by utilizing stairs, ramps, and soft bedding is also helpful.

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital offers a wide variety of products and services to help senior pets overcome mobility hurdles and pain. Together we will help you put together a personalized program for your individual pet’s needs. This may include:

  • Therapeutic laser treatment 
  • Veterinary rehabilitation/physical therapy 
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Pharmaceutical pain control 
  • Nutraceutical recommendations for supplements 
  • Herbal and Chinese medicine

Senior Pets Have Special Nutritional Needs

As pets age, their nutritional and metabolic needs often change, too. Many times a diet that has been just fine in the past can begin to not work so well. Older pets often need fewer calories, additional vitamins and minerals, and more fiber than their younger counterparts.

Extra weight is a significant problem in pets, and it affects senior pets even more profoundly than others. Being overweight can cause older dogs and cats to have difficulty moving around and can predispose them to problems such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Our nutritionist is happy to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs with you and put together a diet and exercise plan that is sure to benefit your senior citizen.

Senior Pets Benefit from Good Wellness Care

Wellness care is important for any pet, but as he or she ages it becomes paramount. Older pets are changing quickly, and routine examinations and testing are vital in detecting problems early in their course.

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital offers convenient wellness care plans for dogs and cats of all ages to help you provide the routine care your pet needs with monthly payments.

Senior Pets Often Require Advanced Care

Just as with older humans, senior dogs and cats are more likely to develop health issues as they age. Should your pet become ill or develop a problem, our expert veterinary staff is here to help. We are proud to be able to diagnose and treat pets with:

  • Heart problems
  • Skin problems or tumors
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Dental disease
  • Eye problems
  • Cancer

We hope that your pet will be with you for many more years to come, but when it does come time to say goodbye, we also pride ourselves on providing compassionate end of life care.

Senior pets certainly need some specialized care, but with a little effort they can live long, fulfilled lives. Whether it be providing excellent pain management or discussing your pet’s quality of life, we are here to help, and are happy to be able to provide the care and expertise it takes to help make your pet’s last years golden.