If you’ve driven by Union Lake Veterinary Hospital lately, you may have noticed that we’re growing. Our new hospital expansion will enable us to serve even more pets and pet families, as well as add new features and services. 

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of care in veterinary medicine in a low-stress environment so that getting good care isn’t so scary for our pets. That means we are always growing and improving to better serve you and your furry companions. 

Beginning mid-January, you will see changes at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital. Read on to learn more about what to expect.  

Why Are We Investing in a Hospital Expansion?

1 – More Exam Rooms for Our Expanding Practice

The Union Lake team has been caring for animals in the Waterford area for over 40 years. During that time, we have really grown! Beginning with a team of three veterinarians we are now a robust 12-doctor practice. This growth means we see more patients, offer more areas of expertise and provide specialty medicine.

With the new space, we will have more exam rooms–a total of 14 when we complete Phase 2 in early Spring 2020. This will alleviate wait times and get you and your pet into examination rooms much faster. Some rooms will even have direct access to the outside for pets who need to avoid the anxiety of a waiting room. 

2 – New Surgical Suite

A second reason for the expansion is adding an improved and expanded surgical suite. The new suite offers a spacious room for two tables along with the latest equipment. Our doctors will be able to perform surgeries safely and efficiently so that our patients get the best care during their stay with us.

The suite also enables us to visually as well as electronically monitor pets under anesthesia and in recovery from a central area. 

3 – More Parking 

During phase one of our expansion, we will give our clients more parking with an expanded parking area. We know that our complex desperately needed more parking spaces, so we are certain this aspect of expansion will please our clients. 

Two Phases of our Hospital Expansion

​Phase 1

ULVH has been talking about expanding our practice for at least 10 years. We knew that we needed to grow and expand, but we first needed to acquire the property next door to give us room to expand. We were finally able to purchase it last year. 

As described above, in Phase 1, we will move into the new building with the new surgical suite and expand parking. We expect to move into the new expansion in mid-January 2020. 

Phase 2 

In Phase 2, we remodel parts of the existing hospital to expand our exam rooms. 

Phase two of the ULVH expansion will include:

  • A separate cat waiting room
  • Two exclusive cat-only examination rooms
  • Three more large examination rooms for general use

Some exam rooms will have direct access to outside. These will be a huge help for certain types of clients:

  • Pets who have greater anxiety and need to avoid the waiting room
  • Pets who are here to work on behavior issues who want to avoid other pets
  • Pets who need to relieve themselves
  • Pets who need us to perform mobility examinations outside
    End of life pet patients for their family’s comfort and privacy

We are hoping to complete Phase 2 by early spring 2020. We apologize in advance for a little noise and any inconvenience related to construction. During Phase 2, it may be easier to enter and use the new parking lot. 

We hope that you are as thrilled with the hospital expansion as we are. In an effort to provide great service in a modern facility, we believe these changes will benefit you and your furry loved one.

For more information about the upcoming changes at ULVH, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.