We know that bringing your pet to visit us can be stressful, even if it is just for routine care. By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, you can minimize anxiety for both you and your pet, and get the most out of your next visit. 

Before your vet visit make sure to remember the following:

Always be sure your pet is properly restrained.

This helps to keep them safe and makes them feel secure. Please bring your pet in a carrier or on a leash with a harness or collar that fits well. Even the best-behaved pet can act differently than normal when in a strange, new environment.

Pay attention to your pet.

Let our staff know if your pet might be nervous or aggressive toward other animals or people so that we can take steps to make your visit as successful as possible. Don’t forget that not all pets will appreciate being approached by other animals. Do your best to keep your animal close to you.

Bring your pets records along.

We often need to know information about your pet’s medical history, and if it didn’t happen at our hospital, we have no way of finding out important information. Things like when your pet was last vaccinated, what medications it is taking, and what medical issues have been experienced can be very important for us to be able to provide the best possible care.

Be prepared.

If someone besides you is coming to the appointment, be sure that they can answer questions about your pet. They should be able to describe what symptoms are occurring, whether the pet is eating, if its bathroom habits have changed, and any recent changes in the pet’s environment or routine. We can do a better job of diagnosing and treating your pet when we have all the information. You may also want to bring a list of questions or concerns that you have so that we don’t miss addressing something.

Make payment arrangements before your visit.

If you have questions about payment, please ask prior to your appointment. We are able to take cash, debit cards, personal checks with appropriate identification, and all major credit cards. We also work with CareCredit and Wells Fargo Health Advantage for those who need payment arrangements. We are also happy to talk with you about pet insurance.

We hope that these tips will help make your pet’s next veterinary visit a great one!