Anxiety in dogs is something many pet owners are concerned about. They often ask about ways to help their furry ones cope, including calming treats for dogs. Dogs and cats can develop anxiety for a number of reasons. They often reflect our own emotions. Chronic anxiety can lead to issues like destructive behavior and mood disorders, such as depression. 

If your pet is dealing with anxiety or other forms of fear, there are many things you can do. Your veterinary partners at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital can give you some recommendations on the best calming treats for dog anxiety

What Is Anxiety in Dogs?

While they cannot tell us that they are feeling anxious directly, anxiety in pets is a real condition that can, at times, become serious. Ongoing stress can impact the immune system and create behavioral problems unless treated. Anxiety is triggered by several factors, from a noise phobia to separation anxiety to our own stress. 

Symptoms of anxiety in pets include:

  • Spraying/urinating in home
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Shaking
  • Destructive behavior, such as digging, scratching, chewing
  • Increased barking or vocalization
  • Trying to escape the house
  • Prolonged yawning
  • Hiding
  • Aggression

Getting to the root of the anxiety can help minimize the effects on your four-legged friend. Please schedule an appointment with us.

Best Calming Treats for Dogs

Along with specific treatment options from your veterinarian, there are dog calming herbs, treats, and supplements that might help your pet. These are supplements often recommended by us to soothe anxiety and stress in dogs.

Calming Treats

Most of these formulas are made into calming treats, which your dog will be more than happy to eat. 

Holistic Approach

Treating your dog’s anxiety without the use of pharmaceuticals is something of interest for many pet owners. Flower essences are a go-to for those who want to avoid medicine or supplement supports. Flower essences (sprays and diffusers), such as honeysuckle, rose rock, walnut, gorse, and larch, can be very effective in minimizing stress in dogs and cats.

Homeopathy is another alternative medicine that incorporates minute substances of something that produces the symptoms (typically, flowers, plants, extracts, etc.). This works in contradiction, in bringing the body to balance by way of using these substances. 

Last but not least, therapeutic massage is a wonderfully relaxing modality that can ease anxiety.

Additional Information on Dog Anxiety

Your team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital can provide a thorough behavioral consultation to address your pet’s fear. Please contact us for additional recommendations on calming treats for dogs and other supplements to relieve pet anxiety, or to schedule an appointment.