Most veterinarians and veterinary support staff share a deep love for animals, as well as a concern for their welfare. Our chosen career paths allow us to spend our days caring for animals, not to mention educating, supporting, and oftentimes befriending, their owners… And we couldn’t be happier about that!

Because of our unwavering commitment to our clients and patients, and our belief in the power of the human-animal bond, we are delighted to share the ways in which Union Lakes Veterinary Hospital is striving to meet the needs of the animals we care for and the families who love them.

Fear-Free and Proud

At ULVH, we feel strongly that all pets deserve access to high quality veterinary care in an environment that is calm, gentle, and as free of potential stressors as possible. In an effort to provide our patients with a pet-friendly environment, we have implemented the principles of the Fear Free Initiative here at our practice.

Fear Free veterinary visits are designed to address a pet’s emotional well-being through positive sensory associations, such as treats and toys, low-stress handling techniques, comfortable and quiet exam rooms, and the use of appeasing hormones and calming medications, when necessary.

A calm pet is easier to examine and treat, and reducing a pet’s fear of the vet’s office reduces the stress experienced by both pet and owner.

The Human-Animal Bond: Building a Strong Team

We believe that the best medicine is practiced when staff and patients work together as a team. With training on the DiSC behavioral assessment system, our staff has had the opportunity to learn about and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. By appreciating each other’s behavior and communication styles, we are better able to support other team members, thus creating a harmonious environment for pets and their families.

Besides providing your pet with the best care possible, listening to the concerns of our clients is our top priority. The staff at ULVH receives coaching in order to improve and maximize their interpersonal skills and client communication.

The Power of Relaxation

Working at a veterinary clinic is a deeply rewarding experience, but as every health care provider knows, there are plenty of stressors that go along with caring for other living beings. We realize that, as stress levels creep higher, the quality of care that pets receive is at risk of decreasing.

While there isn’t any way to completely eliminate the sources of stress for our staff, (after all, caring for pets is serious business), we do our best to mitigate that stress.

ULVH is proud to offer in-house yoga classes for our staff, providing them with a much-needed opportunity for relaxation and reflection. This enables them to care for their patients with more focus and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about our practice. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!