This fall season is brimming with things to do – haunted houses, apple bobbing, propping up scarecrows – but before you get caught up with all the fun Halloween activities, you can take certain precautions now to keep your pet safe.

Halloween can be a very dangerous time for pets and Union Lake Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure you know how to prevent accidents, potential poisoning, pain, and general discomfort for your pet this Halloween. Read on to learn what you can do when it comes to Halloween pet safety…

Tips for Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be an exciting, even thrilling, holiday for kids and grownups alike. But pets can be overlooked when it comes to costumed and candy-fueled bedlam. These are the most common ways you can help protect your pet:

  • Decorations – You want your house to look spooky, we get that. Animatronic displays, spooky sound effects, and flashing lights can spook your pet. Be aware of how your pet is feeling about the festivities! Also be aware that electric cords can be a hazard to your pet if they end up chewing on them. Keep cords up and off the ground/floor.
  • Costumes – If you choose to dress your pet in a costume, please ensure that your pet can see and breathe normally and that the fit is not constricting in any way. Animals can easily overheat and become dehydrated; limit time dressed-up and provide lots of extra water.
  • Candy – Chocolate is highly toxic to pets so please keep your treat bowl out of the reach of your pet. Also be on the lookout for treats sweetened with Xylitol or that contain raisins, as both can be very dangerous if ingested. Also, keeping a watch on empty candy wrappers should be a priority as they can cause major blockages in your pet’s digestive system if swallowed.
  • Jack o’lanterns – We recommend leaving these carved pumpkin outside on Halloween night. The lit candle is a fire hazard if the pumpkin is knocked over as the result of a wagging tail or investigation of a curious cat. Also, although dogs love it and it’s generally good for them, pumpkin can cause painful indigestion if too much is consumed.

Scared Stiff

Many pet owners want to involve their pet in the Halloween festivities, which can include taking him or her trick-or-treating. This may be fun provided your pet tolerates crowds and loud noises; but if your pet is skittish or anxious around constant doorbell ringing and the excited voices of children, we recommend that you create a safe and quiet place for them to relax in away from all the action.

Or you may prefer to join us for our annual ULVH Howl-O-Ween Fest near Halloween.

Lastly, check your pet’s tags and update microchip information if any changes have occurred. Although pets should remain indoors during the festivities or on a leash if walking with you during trick-or-treating, pets can escape either by accident or on purpose. Investing in a reflective collar will help your pet if he or she is caught outdoors on Halloween night.

We are always here to help your pet so please contact us with any questions regarding Halloween safety.

Trick or Treat!