Finding the Right Bed for Your Pet

Nothing says winter like the feeling of snuggling under a blanket and watching the snow from the comfort of your bed. When it’s cold outside, it’s likely your pet enjoys spending more time in his, too. Pet beds range in size, material, style, and some are even designed for certain medical conditions a pet might have. They are popular pet gifts too. Do you know what kind of bed best suits your pup or cat?

Let’s take a look at the variety of pet beds on the market in order to find just the right bed for your pet.

Selecting the Right Bed for Your Pet

Choosing a bed for your pet should take into account some of the following:

  • How durable should the bed be? This is particularly true if your dog likes to use the bed as his personal chew toy.

  • Do you have a preference in materials? Some pet owners prefer eco-friendly coverings while others choose aesthetically pleasing designs that complement their home decor.

  • What’s your pet’s preference? Does he like a fitted bed with walls or a cat cave, or a bed that will allow him to sprawl out?

  • Does he have health issues, such as getting cold easily, or is he healing from an injury or illness?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to determine the right bed for your bestie.

Each of These Produces Zzzs: Dog Bed Designs

Here are a few sample designs that can add more comfort to your pet’s daily snooze.

  1. Nesting dog bed. This sweet bed is perfect for the little Rover who needs added warmth.

  2. Ultra plush orthopedic bed. Older pets and those with arthritis and other joint degenerative disorders do well with more support in a pet bed.

  3. Memory foam bed. Who doesn’t love the added comfort of memory foam, and this bed offers all of the coziness you’d expect in a foam mattress.

  4. Sherpa bagel dog bed. This mega-bed is perfect for the large breed Fido on your list.

  5. Ultra plush pet sofa. This dog “sofa” is a hit with those pet owners who like a little style in their pet’s recliner.

  6. Sturdy denim dog bed. The denim bed is not only comfortable it is also durable for those rowdy pets who are hard on their beds.

  7. Parachute rectangle bed. This classic design suits just about any Spot and is just as plush and snooze-worthy as ever!

Sweet Dreams for Whiskers: Our Favorite Cat Beds

Let’s not forget our feline friends. They have just as many options in bed designs and each kitty also has their own individual preferences. Whether your purr pal likes to hide in a hide in a snuggle sack or lounge on a pillowtop bed, we have some sleepy-sweet options for you to choose from.

  1. Cat hut. If your kitty loves her privacy (and most kitties do), this is a good option for warmth and relaxation. Or try one of these cozy cat caves.

  2. Heated cat bed. This design is wonderful for senior cats who often rely on extra heat in their bedding. It’s also a good choice for hairless breeds and kittens!

  3. Eco-friendly cat cubby. For the environmentally-inclined cat owner, this cool cubby will keep your cat warm and toasty, and it is stylish, too.

  4. Cat perch bed. The perch bed is a winner with cats who just love to spend their time watching the birds (so, we’re thinking all of them).

  5. Faux sheepskin orthopedic bed. This cuddly, plush bed acts as both a blanket and place for your whiskered friend to catch up on her cat nap.

There are so many beds to choose from for your favorite little friend, that it can sometimes be hard to make a decision. Your pet’s next annual checkup is a great place to ask your veterinarian for some recommendations. This is especially true for those with orthopedic issues, or another health problem that impedes rest and comfort.

The team at ULVH is more than happy to help you find your pet’s new, favorite bed. Give us a call!