Doctor Google comes to the rescue any time we have a question, and this includes questions about our pets. It’s natural for you to surf the internet for answers if a pet is feeling under the weather, or if you have basic questions about pet care. It’s easy and convenient, we understand. But are the sources you’re trusting helping or hurting your pet?

Finding sources of reputable veterinary advice is something we at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital want to help with. Here are reasons why trusting online pet health advice isn’t always good, and a list of who you can trust for credible information.

Be Wary of Online Answers

Imagine if you broke your arm and decided to look online for the next steps in what you should do, rather than go to the ER. That would seem kind of foolish, right? Or, if you had a cancer diagnosis and relied on random websites for the right treatment. That would be a little scary. The same is true when our furry friends have an emergency or illness that requires immediate attention.

While there are quality resources for pet care and veterinary medicine on the Internet, there are serious problems in relying on Doctor Google alone. These concerns include:

  • Each second counts in an emergency situation, so waiting it out while you search online can negatively impact the outcome.
  • Relying on online advice may lead you to delay getting an early diagnosis of a disease, which is important to a better prognosis.
  • If you take online advice about treating your pet, especially using medications or supplements, you can seriously hurt your pet.
  • Following unvetted online pet health advice can lead you down a rabbit hole and can prove costly and ineffective, at best, and dangerous, at worst.

Ultimately, your veterinarian is the best source of information regarding your pet’s health. They know their medical history and understand the complete picture of your pet’s health. If you would like to find accurate and reliable online sources for your pet’s care, the team at Union Lake Pet Services is here to guide you in the right direction.

Online Pet Health Advice: Vet Out the Source

The world we live in seems to offer us everything at our fingertips. Information is everywhere. It’s not hard to find a myriad of answers to your pet health questions by doing a basic search on your favorite browser. Getting through the “fluff” can sometimes be a challenge.

Credible sources of veterinary and pet care resources out there, and we are happy to give you the links to our favorites.

There are thousands of websites devoted to pet health and well-being, and many of them can help. The important thing to remember is to vet out these resources for factual information and credibility. Your team at ULVH is happy to help you find the right source of information. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment.