Even if they make it to their senior years, our pets never live long enough. Going through the end-of-life process with a pet of any age is one of the most challenging times of an animal lover’s life. The pet cremation services at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital offer aftercare options to ensure you can honor your pet’s remains in a way that feels right to you. 

On-Site Pet Cremation Services

You trust the compassionate team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital with your pet’s life, and we would be honored to retain that trust after they cross the rainbow bridge. Most veterinary hospitals outsource cremation services. 

Our on-site pet cremation services allow us to personally continue the compassionate and care and dedication we’ve always offered your pets. It is our desire to provide loving and cost-effective end-of-life services to ease some of your stress during this difficult time. We are also here to answer any questions you have throughout the process. 

Communal Pet Cremation Options

For cost-conscious pet owners, we offer economical communal cremation options. Please note that we treat every pet with care and respect no matter which cremation option is chosen. With the communal option, we lovingly cremate a group of animals together. We do not return ashes to the owner with this option. If you want to honor your pet’s ashes, we suggest opting for private cremation.

Private Pet Cremation

Many owners choose private cremation for aftercare once a pet passes away. Each pet is cremated individually. If you opt for private pet cremation, we will return your pet’s ashes in a sealed bag in a wooden box. This box is sturdy and decorative enough to display in your home. We also have a selection of custom urns for displaying and treasuring the ashes. We want you to have the experience that you prefer throughout the process.

Proudly Serving Established and New Clients

We know how hard it is to lose a pet. During an already difficult time, we want to do everything we can to simplify the aftercare process for you. Whether you are an established client with Union Lake Veterinary Hospital or are new to our family, we are here for you. We offer both loving and respectful euthanasia as well as our in-house pet cremation services to those who must say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Pet Loss Resources and Bereavement Counseling

Losing a pet is a difficult experience that can make you feel alone in your grief. If you are struggling after your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, we have resources to help. Talk to our team about our pet loss resources and bereavement counseling. It is our sincere honor to offer our assistance throughout this indescribable experience.

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is here to help your pets in life and death. Our comprehensive list of veterinary services can help with anything from general wellness checks to end-of-life care. To learn more about our veterinary services in Waterford, call (248) 363-1508.