Do you need pet insurance? Most pet owners consider their pets a part of their family. At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we understand how important it is to provide these furry family members with the absolute best veterinary care. Unfortunately, unexpected costs can be a burden to many pet owners, and no one wants to be in a position of making painful pet care decisions based on cost.

Pet insurance can help you plan for the unexpected so you can always afford to keep your pets healthy and safe. Planning for health emergencies is part of responsible family management. Most veterinary hospitals no longer offer payment plans in-house, so pet owners will need to pay with pet insurance, a third-party payment plan like CareCredit or ScratchPay, or with a credit card.

So, what does pet insurance really do for you and how do you decide which one to get? Keep reading to find out.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Not all pet insurance is created equally, which means some plans will cover certain elements of care that others do not. As you start to consider which insurance option is the best for you, talk to your veterinarian about his or her suggestion for coverage. Typically, most plans will cover some form of the following:

Research different plans and providers so you can make a true comparison of what they each offer. Most companies will give you three coverage options–accident only, accident and illness, and wellness coverage. Write up a list of questions before you get a quote to make sure a policy will cover what you need it to cover.

How Do You Use Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance companies will not usually cover the cost of the service at the time of your visit. If you use pet insurance, you will most likely have to cover the cost of the veterinary visit and get reimbursed at a later date. Trupanion Pet Insurance is one exception. They will pay your vet directly at checkout.

As with human insurance, you can also expect to have a deductible that you have to meet before your coverage kicks in. Although you can choose the amount of the deductible, going with a lower one will increase the amount of your premium.

How Can I Choose a Provider?

The cost of pet insurance will vary based on the pet’s breed, age, gender, and even where you live. It is best to have an idea of the coverage you want to have for your pet before you start researching different premiums. Although we don’t endorse a specific pet insurance company or policy, here are a few insurance providers that our clients have used and a link to a buying guide that helps you compare companies:

When calling for a quote, make sure to give the company as many details about your pet and your location as possible so you can get the most accurate estimate of your estimated costs. Talk to a few different companies to get the best idea about the kind of coverage you can get and what you can expect to pay for it.

At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we want to make it as easy as possible to get the veterinary care you need for your beloved pets. We happily accept pet insurance to help ease the burden of certain costs so you can be sure your pet is as healthy as possible. Call (248) 363–1508 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our veterinary services.