As a loving and responsible pet parent, you know that providing your four-legged friend with the veterinary care he or she needs for a healthy life is a non-negotiable part of pet ownership.

From your puppy or kitten’s first round of vaccinations and that all-important spay or neuter surgery, to the routine health and dental care of adulthood and providing support for your pet in his or her golden years, keeping your pet healthy and happy is a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, rarely does fulfilling that commitment come cheap.

Welcome to Pet Wellness

At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we strive to make veterinary care a reality, not a luxury. We understand that quality pet care comes at a price; and, unfortunately, that price can feel overwhelming to the average American family. We don’t think that owning a pet should be cost-prohibitive, nor do we believe that families should have to not have a pet, just because they are scared of the costs of pet care.

This is why Union Lake Veterinary Hospital has created our in-house Pet Wellness Plans. These plans cover both cats and dogs, and are tailored to your pet’s life stage and individual needs. The goal of these plans is to provide pet owners with an easy and affordable way to budget for your pet’s wellness care throughout his or her lifetime.

Pet Wellness Plans Are Not Pet Insurance

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Wellness Plans are not pet insurance. They’re better.

Instead of paying a monthly insurance premium to save on services that you may or may not use, our Pet Wellness Plans give you access to wellness exams and re-checks, blood work, vaccinations, and even dental care (if you choose) throughout the year, as well as life-stage-specific savings on the services your pet is most likely to need, for one low monthly cost.

Pretty neat, don’t you think?!?


If you think that ULVH’s Pet Wellness Plans are the answer to your pet care budget prayers, we invite you to take a closer look at the plans we offer, and see which one is best for your cat or dog. Each plan is breed and life-stage specific, so be sure to find the plan that will work best for your pet.

Once you’ve had a look, call us for more information. We’re happy to review the plans with you personally, and provide a price for the plan you choose.

Don’t let the cost of care be the reason you don’t adopt a pet, or be the reason you fail to provide health care for the pet you have. There are options available to make quality veterinary care a reality, and the team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is proud to be a part of the solution.