In recent years, spaying and neutering pets has become a big business. We’ve come to realize that pets should be fixed for their own health, safety, and longevity. We also know that overpopulation has become an epidemic in the U.S. that can only be controlled by spaying and neutering.

Penny-conscious pet owners want to do the right thing for their pet but have sometimes chosen to seek out clinics that perform these services at bargain-basement prices. What may not be apparent to the average pet owner is that discount spays and neuters are not just a matter of a lower price for the same service. Make sure you make a full comparison of what is included with that spay or neuter.

Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is proud to treat all surgeries on your furry family member like the important procedures that they are. When choosing where to have your pet spayed or neutered, it is important to decide what is important to you. A surgery at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital includes many things that not all hospitals or clinics include in their surgery price, and we think it’s important for you to know the difference.

Spays and Neuters Include Personal Attention

One of the most important reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered with us is the most simple: we know and care for you and your pet.

  • Because we already have an established relationship with you and your pet, we know your pet’s medical history and care about his or her long term health. We also care about your concerns and answering your questions.
  • We provide a pre-surgical exam to help ensure that your pet is healthy for surgery.
  • We perform only a limited number of procedures per day, so we are able to take the time and resources to closely monitor your pet on a personal level before, during and after his or her surgery. (Others don’t provide monitoring during and after surgery.)
  • During the procedure, a certified veterinary technician is in on-hand to monitor your pet’s vital signs with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.
  • Your pet continues to be monitored by our hospital staff until he or she is feeling well enough to be discharged.
  • We send you home with written instructions and pain medication tailored to your pet, as well as a collar to prevent injury to the incision.
  • We follow up with a phone call later the day of the procedure to ensure that your pet is still doing well and to answer any questions.

Pain Control for Spay and Neuter Surgeries

It may seem like a no-brainer, but not all facilities include appropriate pain medications for spay and neuter surgeries.

At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we strongly believe that if we are removing a body part, pain medication is important. Adequate pain control can help pets recover faster and prevent complications. Pain management is provided for your pet…

  • Pre-emptively before surgery in the form of pre-anesthetic medications
  • During surgery as necessary
  • With use of a surgical laser to minimize pain and speed healing
  • After surgery for all patients to recover comfortably at our hospital and at home

High Quality Anesthesia for Pet Surgeries

Anesthesia is one of the most important things that we do on a daily basis. When you trust your pet with us, we take that very seriously. While anesthesia always carries some level of risk, we do everything we can to keep that risk as minimal as possible. This includes:

An Exam – A thorough patient examination and assessment prior to anesthesia is very important to be sure that your pet is prepared for surgery. Pets are also recommended to receive a pre-anesthetic blood panel.

A Personalized Anesthetic Protocol – Our doctors will take into consideration your pet’s individual needs and health status when designing the safest anesthetic experience possible. We use gas anesthesia instead of lower-cost injectable anesthesia to allow better control over the procedure.

IV Catheter and Fluid Administration – By placing an IV catheter in your pet’s vein, our team has emergency access to a vessel in the event of a complication. Fluid administration during surgery also prevents dehydration and stabilizes blood pressure, resulting in a safer anesthesia and a smoother recovery.

Anesthetic monitoring – Your pet is monitored continuously by a registered veterinary technician during his or her surgery. Vital signs are watched and recorded so that any sign of a problem is addressed promptly. State of the art monitoring equipment keeps track of your pet’s body temperature, carbon dioxide levels, heart rhythm, pulse rate, and oxygen levels.

Hospitalization – Your pet stays at our hospital until he or she is awake from the anesthesia and ready to be discharged.

While we cannot specify what other hospitals or clinics in the area do or don’t do during their spay and neuter procedures, we know that we do what is best for you and your pet. We’re very proud of the standards we uphold here at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital and aim to provide quality care for your pets.

While no pet owner ever wants their pet to have to have surgery, spaying and neutering our pets is an important part of their wellness. Let us make that as pain and stress free as possible.

If your pet needs to be spayed or neutered, please call us for an appointment.