The holiday season is a time where we all take time to reflect and remember what is really important. We tend to take this time to open our hearts and help those in need. As you think of those less fortunate this holiday season, don’t forget to think of those who have four legs instead of two. Helping pets in need this holiday season may be just the way to spread some holiday cheer.

Consider Pet Adoption

It is perhaps the biggest commitment, but one of the most effective ways to help pets in need is to give one a forever home. Between nine and eleven million pets are euthanized each year in the United States, simply because they do not have a home. Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue may very well be giving an animal in need a second chance at life.

The choice to adopt is not one to take lightly, but if your family is in a position to do so, it can be one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Helping Pets by Volunteering Your Resources

The holiday season is one of giving, and you can use that good spirit to bring a little light to others. Some ways to use your resources towards helping animals in need include:

Donate items such as food, blankets, or toys to a local animal shelter or rescue. Do a little digging through your closets and find those worn out towels, old crates, and unused toys and donate them. Make a donation to a shelter, rescue, or organization that helps pets in need. Even consider making a thoughtful donation in someone’s name in lieu of a gift.Think about temporarily fostering a pet in your home if you are able.

If you think hard enough, almost everyone has something that they can give regardless of their situation. Animals in need and the people who help them are appreciative of anything that you can offer.

Volunteer Your Time

Your time can be an invaluable asset. Places that help pets in need are almost always in need of volunteers to help clean and care for the animals. It may just be cleaning a few cages, exercising some cooped up pups, or working to educate the public, but your time can be of significant help.

You might even take it a step further and organize a community fundraiser or supply drive to rally those around you to aid in the cause. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to the organization of your choice.

If you are handy, consider helping to build shelters for a local feral cat organization. Or maybe volunteer to drive an elderly neighbor’s pet to a vet appointment, grooming appointment, or just take him or her for a nice walk.

This holiday season, make help of pets in need a priority. No one is more appreciative of your efforts than our four-legged friends. Please be sure to share your efforts to spread some holiday cheer on our Union Lake Veterinary Hospital Facebook page.