We recommend 5 of the best cat litter boxes for your special cat. When you think of luxury, cat litter boxes may not come to mind. But you may be surprised by the demand for better, high-quality boxes. After all, no one likes to scoop or smell the urine stink of old-school litter boxes. This is why there is now an array of luxury, make-life-easier boxes you can choose from. Your friends at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital have chosen a few of our favorites for your meowy friend.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Cat Litter Boxes

We chose these top 5 luxury cat litter boxes for a few factors. Some of them rank high because they’re stylish, while others are high-tech or self-cleaning. They are definitely not your usual cat litter boxes. Check them out!

  1. Litter-Robot – Gone are the days of simply relying on your plastic scooper to clean your cat’s box. This highly rated automated box by Whiskers is a favorite because of its style and perfect self-cleaning design. After each use, the sifter separates the clumps, leaving a layer of clean litter. You simply dump the clumps and refill the box. Voila! It’s pricey, but it’s super easy.
  2. ChillX AutoEgg – If you are in the market for another great self-cleaning litter box, this one is awesome. Not only is the design of this box unique (hence, the egg shape) it also does a great job of cleaning up your cat’s mess. This cleaner sweeps through the box 5 minutes after each visit from your cat. It is also one of the quieter models in self-cleaning litter boxes.
  3. CatGenie A.I. – For the eco-conscious cat fancier comes the CatGenie washable cat litter and box. This special litter box uses reusable, clean granules that will save you money on litter down the road. Your cat’s waste will be collected and drained through the toilet bowl or laundry drain. The CatGenie app will alert you when supplies or granules are running low.
  4. ModKat – If your cat is a messy one and you loathe cleaning up the litter on the floor, consider the ModKat XL design. To reduce excess mess, your cat enters this box through the top. It also features a double mat for your cat’s feet to catch any remaining litter. Along with this, the reusable liners will keep your litter box in pristine shape. Just remove the liners and launder every week to keep the box smelling clean. It’s also a lot less expensive than boxes 1-3.
  5. Furrytail Semi-Closed Box – If you have a flair for the unusual and plenty of style, this box can blend into the room with pizazz. This well-designed cat litter box has a side entry feature and semi-transparent walls that let in light while retaining privacy. It’s also super easy to clean with a removable litter drawer without having to dismantle the box. It’s also more modestly priced.

Smelly, messy litter boxes that are a hassle to clean are a thing of the past. Depending on your budget, you can give your kitty the royal treatment for their “throne” with these savvy luxury cat litter boxes.

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