Add some of these tasty and nutritious superfoods for dogs to your pet’s diet. They can improve their health just as eating superfoods does for humans.

Although our furry friends will usually eat whatever we place in front of them, certain foods pack a bigger nutritional punch for our canines. Foods can be either good for your dog or detrimental to their health, so consider adding some of these superfoods for dogs into their diet: Just remember to add these as treats, not the main ingredient of their diet. Too many fruits or vegetables can cause GI upset or constipation.

Superfoods for Dogs: The Sweetest of Potatoes

Just as they are for humans, sweet potatoes are healthy treats that Fido can enjoy. Since sweet potatoes have a lot of beta-carotene, they help keep your dog’s eyes healthy so she can chase after squirrels and stare lovingly at you for many years to come. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of vitamin A, which can benefit her heart and keep her immune system strong. Sweet potatoes are a helpful addition to your dog’s diet, just make sure you do not cook the sweet potatoes with any butter, oil, or sugar.

Carrots: A Superfood for Dogs

Whether your pup steals the nose off a neighborhood snowman or some plain carrots off your plate, these crunchy veggies are actually super healthy for our canine friends. Carrots are also good for your dog’s vision and can help him see clearly throughout his life. Since they are high in fiber, they are also helpful for your pup’s digestive system, which can keep him regular. Carrots can also complement your at-home oral hygiene routine, because they help clean the teeth as your dog chews them. Be sure to cut carrots into small, easy-to-eat pieces that your dog can enjoy without hassle.

Superfoods for Dogs: Pumpkin Dreams

It doesn’t have to be near Thanksgiving in order to give your pup a delicious pumpkin treat. Pumpkin is another superfood that can keep your dog’s eyes seeing clearly. As a great source of vitamin A, iron, and calcium, it is also great for immunity, digestion, and will keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. It is perfectly safe to give your dog a little pumpkin each week, just be sure it is pure pumpkin and does not contain any added fats like butter or oil.

Blueberries: Orange You Glad It’s Something Blue

A popular item on our list of superfoods for dogs are blueberries. The one not orange food on our list, blueberries are a great way to decrease inflammation and keep the urinary tract functioning properly. Since they are high in antioxidants, they can also help in preventing cancer. You can even freeze blueberries to give your dog a cooling summer treat. Cranberries, another superfood for dogs, is also a natural supplement for urinary health. Fresh fruits or frozen, NOT dried fruits are best.

Healthy Oils: More Superfoods for Dogs

For healthy skin and coat, superfoods with essential fatty acids like salmon oil are a wonderful addition to your dog’s diet. Salmon oil is both heart healthy and a good source of fatty acids. Introduce an oil gradually and monitor your dog’s reaction. Ask your veterinarian about introducing oils to your dog’s diet.

There are many more superfoods that are safe and healthy for your dog. Check out these additional superfoods.

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