You probably already know that your pet’s health is our top priority here at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital. Are you aware that you also play a critical role in helping us make quality veterinary care for your pet easier and more effective?

Because our pets can’t talk, they are relying on us, their owners, to provide details about their day to day life and their medical history during a veterinary visit, whether for a standard wellness exam or for an illness or injury. It’s tempting to leave out or embellish certain details of our pet’s medical history due to embarrassment or other concerns, but honesty at the vet is a crucial component of responsible pet ownership.

We CAN Handle the Truth

Knowing the truth is an important aspect of our care for your pet, but many times we are unable to get the full story. We talk to pet owners who choose to be less than forthcoming about their pet’s history or condition, usually for one of these reasons:

  • Embarrassment
  • Financial worry
  • Concerns about legality
  • An uncooperative pet

Just know that the veterinary staff here at ULVH can handle the truth. Leave your medications or marijuana where your pet could get into them? Don’t worry–our focus is on helping your pet.

Why Honesty at the Vet is Important

Pets have evolved to hide signs of illness and injury, and humans have evolved to hide information they believe will make them look bad. Knowing your pet’s true situation and history allows us to get an accurate picture of his or her condition. This helps us to overcome roadblocks on the path to treatment. Honesty at the vet can:

Save money – When we see a health issue but don’t have full information from you about the likely cause, we have to perform unnecessary diagnostic tests and procedures on your pet to gather information. That simply increases your total bill.

Save time – Without knowing the full story, we may not be able to begin proper treatment in a timely fashion since we don’t know which problem to address. Delaying treatment may leave your pet in discomfort longer, and potentially decrease our ability to treat the problem if your pet’s condition worsens.

Save your pet – The last thing we want to have to tell you is that your pet has run out of treatment options. By being upfront with us in the beginning, we can more effectively and efficiently treat your pet, and increase the chances that he or she will recover and go on to live a long life.

The More We Know

Please rest assured that your pet’s care is our top priority, and we are not here to judge you or get you into trouble. Our focus is on helping your pet feel well and live a long, healthy life. To do this well, we need honest information provided by his or her loving owner. Your pet is depending on you.

Please feel free to call us or stop by with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you and your pet when you need us!