At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, we believe in using a variety of resources to help your dog live the happiest and healthiest life possible. Victory Visits teach your pets how to feel more comfortable at the vet while also showing them how to give consent for the care they want (or do not want) to receive. It is very important to us that your pets feel as comfortable as possible whenever they visit our pet care complex. Keep reading to learn more about Victory Visits and how they can help your anxious pet:

The Basics of Victory Visits 

Our professionals will work closely with your dog to introduce him to veterinary procedures and techniques they are likely to experience during typical wellness visits. This initial exposure teaches them what to expect and helps them get more comfortable, easing their nerves about veterinary visits. We always begin the process by teaching them how to consent to a variety of veterinary procedures. We often do this by teaching them how to give a button cue. This cue is a way for the dog to express discomfort and opt out of certain procedures while visiting the vet. Victory Visits are 30 minutes per session, and you can either buy single sessions or packages for a discounted price.

Handling and Instruments

Once the dog is comfortable with the button cue and feels like she can say no to certain procedures, the experts will start getting her comfortable with various handling techniques and instruments she might encounter during a typical veterinary visit. This can include syringes, stethoscopes, thermometers, and other medical instruments. We want your dog to know exactly what to expect when visiting the veterinarian.

Victory Visit Companions

Your dog’s Victory Visit companion will accompany you to veterinary visits until she can be sure that the dog feels comfortable with the visit. We want dogs to understand they have a say in what happens to them–and accompanying them even after their Victory Visit sessions is a great way to show them this. 

A Brand New Way to Visit the Vet

Victory Visits are a great option for dogs who are anxious about going to the vet and may even miss out on important procedures or need to be sedated just to get veterinary care. Dogs who go through our Victory Visit sessions will often experience a complete transformation with their attitude toward going to the vet. Pets that were once terrified can actually have a good experience and leave feeling calm and happy. Their owners also feel relief that their pups can get the veterinary care they need to maintain good health throughout their lives. 

From veterinary care to behavioral therapy and holistic treatments, Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is here to help your pet stay healthy and experience the truest joys in life. We want to give you each the resources you need to make the most of your time together. To learn more about our services, or to sign up for Victory Visits, please call (248) 363-1508.