We hope these 4 heart-warming pet adoption stories bring you some extra cheer this winter. Read about Boomer, Sailor, Lobstah, and Monty.

It warms our hearts to hear about any successful pet adoption stories, but there’s just something about a winter story that makes it even more special. The cold weather and short days might be bothering you, but these heart-warming stories are sure to bring you some cheer. Here are some of our favorite winter pet adoption stories we’ve come across:

Boomer Gets a New Home and Even More Love

In December 2021, Boomer was a 12-year-old mutt who’d been living with his human since he was a puppy. His human fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, and Boomer was sent to the shelter. When registered nurse Jennifer Smith heard the news, she knew she had to do something. Going above and beyond the call of duty, she found Boomer in the shelter and formally adopted him. Not only that, she brought him with her to work so he could visit with his human. Boomer’s visit cheered up his former human and helped him heal, but he also brought joy to other patients in the hospital—and to Jennifer Smith’s family, too. 

Sailor the Deaf Pitbull Mix Finds His Forever Home

When Sailor ended up in the shelter, the odds were stacked against him. Not only did he have to fight against the stigma associated with his breed, but he is also deaf. The poor blue-eyed pup was continuously passed up for other dogs in the shelter. That is until Allison Arnold and her partner Lily showed up. Allison, a speech pathologist, and Lily, a special education teacher, could see Sailor’s potential the minute they locked eyes. With the help of the shelter and his new family, Sailor learned ASL commands and still uses them today. He is the perfect addition to his family, and his fun personality has them laughing all the time.

Lobstah the Cat

Lobstah the cat was found wandering the streets of San Francisco when he was just four months old. He was born without a sternum, and he had a crooked tail and a deformed paw. Luckily, doctors saw something in him, and performed life-saving surgery. They did not work on his paw, though, which is now his most distinguishing feature. His family loves everything about him and his lobster claw paw, and they document his happy life on his very own Instagram page.

Monty the Cat

Monty is another cat who was born different, which almost kept him from finding his forever home. Since he doesn’t have a nasal bridge, his face looks different from other cats. Too many people let his differences keep them from appreciating his sweet personality, and he spent a lot of time in the shelter. Luckily, his family fell in love with his face, and he now has a happy home life in Denmark. Monty is a completely normal and healthy cat who sneezes a little bit more than other cats. Find Monty and his adventures with his loving family on Instagram

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