Do you have an escape artist living in your home? If your dog runs for it once the door opens or your cat makes your back wall seem like a suggestion, it might be time for a tracking device. Here are some of the best tracking devices for pets that will help you keep tabs on your furry friends:

Best Tracking Devices for Dogs

Whether your dog tries to escape at any chance or he has a tendency to run when spooked, getting separated can be devastating. Luckily, these tracking devices can help you find your dog fast:

F1 Smart Dog Collar

With a variety of size and color options, this tracking collar is a great option for almost any pup. It is waterproof and provides real-time tracking data. The battery stays charged for about three months, and it can narrow down your dog’s location to within seven feet. Since it is strong and durable, it’s a good option even for dogs that like to chew.

Whistle Health & GPS

Do you want to know not only where your dog is but also how they’re doing? The Whistle Health & GPS tracking device sends you updates all about your dog to an app on your phone. If your dog moves outside of their normal radius, you’ll get a notification. You can get a real-time location for your dog whenever you need one. Sensors built into the device will also monitor your dog’s physical and emotional health. Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and take away any doubt about their location.

Halo Collar

A little pricier than other options, this GPS tracking device also has an invisible collar to dissuade your dog from leaving your yard in the first place. This collar is waterproof and works well on dogs who are at least 20 pounds. You can create invisible fences in up to twenty different locations, which makes this a great travel companion.

Best Tracking Devices for Cats

Even cats who are allowed outdoors can wander past a safe radius every now and then, or worry you by staying gone longer than usual. A tracking device can help you keep track of your cat at all times. Here are some great options:

Tractive GPS Cat LTE + Tracker

This tracking device connects to all the major cell phone carriers, which means that it can track your cat across the country. The device lets you watch your cat in real time, get live tracking data, and check out their travel history to learn more about what they do outside.

Girafus Pro-Track-Tor RF Tracker

If you have multiple cats at home, this tracker set might be the best option for you. It provides accurate tracking information and will stay charged for up to thirty days. It has a range that spans 1,600 feet, and helps you find peace of mind that your cats are safe.

Jiobit GPS Tracker

This water-resistant tracker clips right onto your cat’s collar. Get reliable tracking information when you need it to ensure your cat is always safe even when on a neighborhood adventure.

We hope you will invest in one of these best tracking devices for pets. Microchips are great additions to many of the trackers above if someone finds your pet. Talk to the team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital about microchipping your pet during your next wellness visit. Call (248) 363-1508 to learn more.