Dogs bring so much joy and love to our lives, but sometimes their behavior can leave something to be desired. In fact, behavioral issues are the top causes of rehoming or euthanasia. Luckily, the experts at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital are here to help. We’ve designed a dog behavior prevention program to help preempt behavior problems or help owners recognize the signs of behavior problems early. We can then help them with a solution to prevent unwanted dog behaviors from developing. 

The Root of Dog Behavior Issues

Just like humans, animals feel emotions that can affect their moods and their behaviors. The primary causes of behavioral problems in dogs stem from uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, fear, aggression, and overarousal.

Without a way to express these feelings (or find relief for them), young dogs can start to act out in a variety of ways. This could lead to behaviors like:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging
  • Soiling
  • Aggression

Recognizing the signs of anxiety, fear, aggression, and overarousal is the key to avoiding these and other behavioral issues. This is what we teach in our Dog Behavior Prevention Program.

The Union Lake Difference

All of our behavioral sessions are led by a certified behavior professional to ensure the most successful outcome for you and your pet. We offer the program to dogs 2 and younger. The program is intended to include every dog under the age of 2 before any signs of behavior issues have been seen. View it as a vaccination against behavior problems! While the program absolutely welcomes dogs who have already exhibited behavior issues, our trainers may be able to help these owners decide on a different program more suited for that issue. We believe in using positive reinforcement methods to provide a safe and loving space for dogs to learn.

Our Dog Behavior Prevention Program Process

Before your first appointment, you will fill out a brief questionnaire. This helps us learn about how your pup behaves at home and whether you have observed any early signs of issues. We will then ask you to come in for a 30-minute evaluation appointment. During this time, we will see how the dog reacts in multiple scenarios. This includes seeing new dogs, seeing new people, and other potentially anxiety-inducing experiences. 

Our behavior prevention program is different than obedience training. While it is important for a dog to have good manners and respond to commands, obedience training does not get to the root of behavior problems. We want to help you raise a well-adjusted, confident, and happy pet.

After the Evaluation

Hopefully, your pet isn’t showing signs of these behaviors yet. We offer a preventive path that consists of additional thirty-minute visits to help you and your pup avoid issues from developing. If we identify budding behavioral issues, we can develop an individualized plan to address unwanted behaviors. 

Behavioral issues can happen to even the most diligent owners. Many issues can start to emerge based on your dog’s individual personality. 83 percent of the dogs in shelters and foster care were surrendered because of some sort of behavioral problem that wasn’t addressed. We want to prevent that. Our dog behavioral prevention program can help prevent or quell these issues to let you and your pup coexist peacefully, happily, and safely.

If you are ready to be proactive to prevent unwanted dog behaviors or address early behavior issues, we are ready to help. Call (248) 363-1508 to learn more about these and other veterinary services at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital.