Deciding to adopt a pet is a big decision. Adding another life to your home means much more responsibility for you and your family. It also means much more love. If you are still trying to decide if adopting a rescue pet is the right move for your family, here are some advantages that might help sway your decision:

1) You’re Saving a Life…and Then Some

One of the most important reasons to adopt a rescue pet is the fact that it allows you to save the life of an animal in need. Shelters only have so much room for dogs and cats, and if they get overcrowded, they might have to start making some tough decisions. When you adopt a rescue pet, you are not only saving that animal, but opening up a space for another animal in need. 

2) You’re Adding More Love to Your Life

Whether they were living on the street or were abandoned by people, rescue pets understand what it means to be adopted. They show their gratitude to their new owners with endless amounts of unconditional love. If you make some space in your home (and your heart) for a rescue pet, you will be able to feel how much they appreciate you.

3) You Have a Reason to Be Active

If you’ve been feeling pretty sedentary in your life, adopting a rescue pet is the perfect excuse to stay active. Animals need exercise to stay healthy and happy—and humans do, too. Daily walks, games of fetch, and playing tag with a new (to you) pet can help you stay active. 

4) You’re Doing Your Part Against Animal Cruelty

Pet stores often get their animals from puppy mills and other cruel breeding facilities. When people adopt animals from rescues, there is less of a demand for these breeders to continue adding to the canine and feline populations. Simply adopting a loving rescue pet is taking a stand against this form of animal cruelty, especially with a shelter like Detroit Dog Rescue.

5) You Can Decrease Your Stress

Bringing an animal into your home is a great way to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Watching a cute, furry friend perform silly antics can add more laughter to your life. Sitting with your rescue pet and feeling their warmth while listening to their heart beat has a calming effect. Even just having someone else depend on you can add more meaning (and less stress) to your life.

6) You Can Increase Your Social Circle

Besides the friendship you’ll feel from your new pet, adopting a rescue animal gives you the opportunity to meet new human friends as well. From trips to the dog park to pet-friendly cafes and bars, your furry friend can serve as the perfect icebreaker when trying to find new friends.

Once your new rescue pet is safely set up at home, schedule an appointment with the caring team at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital. From wellness exams to dental care, our full-service veterinary hospital helps keep your pets healthy from the start. To learn more about our services or to schedule your pet’s first visit, please call 248-363-1508.