Do you schedule a pet annual exam for your beloved dog or cat? Most pet owners embrace the concept of preventive care, both in human and veterinary medicine. But there are still lingering ideas that if a pet is seemingly fine, they don’t need regular checkups. With wellness care, though, the goal is to prevent illnesses and diseases from affecting pets. It is also the best way to catch disease early for a better outcome, rather than waiting for symptoms to emerge.

At Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, preventive wellness care is our priority, and we want to explain why we believe it should be one of yours, too.

Wellness Care Is the Foundation of a Great, Long Life
We know our four-legged friends pretty well when it comes to their daily care. In reality, there are subtle changes that occur during a pet’s different life stages that are unseen by the naked eye. Conditions like the onset of arthritis, diabetes, and kidney disease can be unknown until the disease has progressed.

In a pet annual exam, we conduct a thorough physical examination and perform diagnostic testing, such as blood work and X-rays, among others. The results form your pet’s baseline of health, which we can compare against in future examinations to alert us to any changes. Early diagnosis and addressing pet wellness needs are imperative to keeping your pet healthy throughout their life.

What Is Included in a Pet Wellness Examination
Annual pet wellness examinations assess your pet’s overall health from nose-to-tail. These examinations vary based on species and life stage. Senior wellness examinations might include things like additional blood work, while a puppy or kitten wellness visit will include booster vaccines and deworming.

The purpose of the pet annual exam is to treat your pet holistically by creating a personalized checkup and treatment plan with us. There are some essential components of wellness care at ULVH, and these include:

  • Physical examination
  • Complete blood count and blood chemistry panel
  • Fecal test
  • Urinalysis
  • Dental examination
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Vaccines and parasite control
  • Parasite testing, including heartworm

These appointments also serve as a way to consult with you and answer questions about your pet’s well-being.

We understand that there’s a temptation to put off those yearly wellness checkups when your pet is happy and healthy. There are subtle changes that you can easily miss, such as food allergies, the onset of diabetes, or liver or kidney problems. Wellness care for pets ensures that any changes in your furry loved one’s health are caught early.

A long life of energy and vitality rely on these preventive steps you take to give your pet the best life possible. If you would like to schedule a pet annual exam for your bestie, please call us. We look forward to caring for your precious pet for years to come.