The bond between children and pets is hard to replicate. They tend to find a kindred spirit in each other and instantly connect on a level unlike most relationships we experience as adults. Because of these bonds, pets help kids struggling through challenging times. Sometimes, they are the only ones who really can. Whether you know a child who is struggling or just want to learn more about the topic, keep reading to learn more about this pet superpower:

Pets Help Kids Stay Calm

There is a reason so many animals are used as therapy pets or facility pets. They have a calming effect on children, especially those with sensory processing issues. The simple act of going to the dentist for a cleaning can be extremely traumatic for children suffering from issues like these. A service animal accompanying them to stressful appointments and situations calms the child. They often calm the child so they can finally get important medical procedures that would have normally been too much for them. Even if your child doesn’t have sensory processing issues, having a pet can help them stay calm when they are upset, scared, or anxious.

Pets Help Kids Develop Important Skills

Many therapists are incorporating animals like dogs into their therapy sessions with children. These animals provide help with developmental, learning, and even behavioral issues. A dog can serve as the perfect audience for a child struggling to read out loud, for example. It can also offer feelings of solace and calm when a child is processing a traumatic event. Dogs are even used in courts when children have to testify about abuse. Their presence can help the child have a pleasant memory associated with the difficult time. If your child has problems with certain skill development, a pet could provide necessary help.

Pets Help Kids (and Adults) In Schools

Pets in schools provide a different level of understanding for children, learning concepts like empathy and how to interact with others properly. Caring for a living thing shows children how to be responsible and respectful of other beings. It also makes them more cognizant of the feelings of others. Animals entering the classroom can also help to dispel tension and bring a calmer atmosphere for everyone in the space. 

Pets Help Kids Build Confidence

When children work with pets and see that their actions make a difference to the animal, it can build confidence. Whether they are trying to teach a rescue dog new tricks or working with a therapy horse, small victories can mean a lot to a child struggling with confidence. Conversely, kids can also learn discipline and patience from working with pets. They won’t necessarily see immediate results, but they can be proud of their efforts when they do.

It’s undeniable that pets help kids who are struggling with challenging issues. We help to train therapy dogs so that they can support kids in our communities.

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