Although dog fur goes a long way toward keeping your pup warm, our Michigan winters sometimes require something more. A cornerstone of winter pet safety is making sure your dog is warm enough to handle frigid winter temperatures. Luckily, your friends at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital are here with some great recommendations for warm dog beds and coats:

Warm Dog Beds

There is a huge variety of dog beds that are the perfect winter addition to your home. Here is a small snapshot of some of the most versatile options on the market:

K&H Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Bed

This heated (yes, we said heated) dog bed is designed to keep your dog toasty all winter. Secured with soft foam walls to hold in warmth, your dog will sink into the arms of comfort in this quality bed. Programmed to only heat the bed when the dog is in it, you don’t have to worry about leaving the bed heated all day. The cover is also easy to remove and wash. This is the perfect product for a dog that likes to cuddle up in warmth.

Jespet Cave Covered Bed

Give your dog her own little winter cave with this cozy bed from Jespet. Your dog can snuggle up inside to feel warm and totally secure all season long. The bed comes in four colors and has a removable cover to make it easy to clean. The bottom is affixed with waterproof anti-skid material to prevent sliding. 

Quilt-Top Superior Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you have an older dog who has a little trouble moving around, this could be the perfect warm bed for him. The specialty foam is designed to offer support to hips, back, and neck while keeping your dog warm and cozy. The quilted top makes it even warmer and more comfortable.

Warm Dog Coats

If your dog loves to spend time outside, you might want to invest in a quality coat to keep your pet toasty and warm. Here are some great options:

WeatherBeeta Reflective Orange Dog Parka

It is always a good idea to get dog coats in bright, noticeable colors. This parka comes in reflective orange to ensure you and your dog can be seen even in the worst weather. It resists water and keeps your dog warm enough to enjoy time outside on the coldest days.

Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coat

Who doesn’t love a good puffer coat? This jacket keeps dogs incredibly warm (and stylish). It’s waterproof, has an extra warm fleece lining, and is easy to put on. There are even a few extra leg bands you can use to keep it extra secure during strenuous physical activity. 

Ruffwear Powder Hound Dog Winter Coat

This coat has sleeves that extend down your pup’s front legs for premium warmth. The material offers low-light visibility and a spot to affix an additional safety light. The coat is water resistant and offers extreme warmth for our extreme weather. 


We hope you will help your pup stay warm and toasty this winter with one of these great options for warm dog beds and coats.

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